Single ply and liquid membranes

Single ply and liquid membranes

Highest quality, market leading single ply and liquid membranes

All Roofing install a variety of the highest quality, market leading single ply and cold applied liquid membranes including Alwitra & Cefil. All our membranes have a life expectancy of over 30 years & are suited to any specification whether it is a new build or a refurbishment on small or large scale projects.

Alwitra Evalon

Suitable for all applications on flat and shaped roofs, Evalon membranes are a superior quality synthetic material for single ply sealing which remain unchanged over time.

The high percentage of high polymeric solids make Evalon membranes particularly homogeneous, soft and elastic. At the same time particularly stable and resistant to common chemical environmental loads, resistant to root and rhizome penetration as well as bitumen compatible.

Alwitra Evalastic

A high quality EPDM eco friendly roofing and waterproofing membrane, absolutely free from bitumen, plasticizers, PVC, chlorine and alike. This makes Evalastic membranes the perfect waterproofing membrane for ecologically conscious building owners and architects who are unwilling to compromise and demand superior waterproofing that represents state-of-the-art technology of synthetic and rubber materials from an ecological point of view.

The elastic characteristics of the EPDM and thermoplastic elastomers in the material guarantee long-term performance in severe weather and extreme temperature variations without any damage or deterioration.

liquid membranes

Liquid Membranes

All roofing install only premium, cold applied liquid waterproof membranes. High quality polyurethane resins used for construction and industrial applications.

Where particularly awkward detail exists or overlaying existing surfaces, liquid membranes can be used in a variety of applications including; Roofs, balconies & terraces Pedestrian decks & walkways Below ground foundations, retaining walls & tanking

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